Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Got an award!!:)

I got an award from Conny B.:) How cool! Thank you Conny.:)
I am suppose to choose five more bloggers that I consider "Rockin"....so here are my choices..I know there are a lot more..but these are the five top faithful ones that come see me on a regular basis.:) Links are in my side bar..cept
  • scrapkat4914
  • ..hoping to get her to blog more often.LOL
    Conny B
    Leslie(and the boys)
    Scrapkat 4914..never fails to comment!:)
    Just right click and copy the award and choose five bloggers you consider "Rockin".:)
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    Leslie and the boyz! said...

    OH SO CUTE!! :) THANK YOU!!! :) HUGS! I will have to blog now :) LOL :) THANK YOU!!

    Mrs. Miles said...

    Peeking out... haha Valinda - your SO cute! Actually, yours is my SECOND vote to Rockin' Girl Blogger - got one before I left for the week away! How cool is that? Could make a person feel pretty special, but I pwomise it won't go to my head... I've just not had a chance to blog this yet - but I will, and thinks my sweet friend for 'lecting me!

    Your brads are v. cool & thanks for including instructions on your projects, thats always a thoughtful thing to include to up and coming designers. We always assume people know the things we've ingrained in our little designer brains.

    Sounds like we were both cleaning at the same time... I would not let myself blog/play on the machine till it was all caught up.. so now finds me listening to some awesome uplifing spiritual music, looking out over the lake, house clean... playing and blogging, sigh... does it get any better than this?

    Are you getting loads of pics of Mom cleaning w/ you? I mean it sounds like you do a LOT of that together, so when I think of your layouts you could create of what your time together meant, it would be super to have loads of closeups of like her hands in soapy water, the cleaning supplies, her feet on the stepladder etc... I know some of the sweetest memories for me, even tho I hated it as a child, was doing chores together with my mommy. Treasure each moment my friend... they are not infinite!

    Nuff out of me, I'm going to blog! Have a wonderful day!


    Angelsdigiscrap said...

    Awwwwwww, thanks so much Val!! I'll have to figure out who I'm going to get now. LOL. I appreciate you thinking I ROCK! :)
    I'm finally trying to get Lillie to take a nap, then I have to try to pick up the house! She's pulled everything out of her room, into the living room, ughh. LOL. Take care and ttys.

    Rachel said...

    Love all your stuff... thankyou