Thursday, July 05, 2007

Valjs Red White and Blue Curled Papers

Anybody want some curled red,white and blue papers? I thought I might as well put them up for freebies today.:) Hope you like them.
Thank you ALL for the fantastic comments you left for me yesterday.I sure appreciate your taking the time to do that. You are most welcome:)
I will be spending my day today cleaning the house and doing laundry etc. Nothing exciting.LOL
I hope you had a wonderful July 4th. What did you do ? We went to a movie matinee and then out to eat...came home and watched a few fire works around the neighborhood.That was pretty much my day.:) My Dh wanted to see the new "Transformers" movie. The graphics were soo cool...and I didn't sleep through any of it.It rather kept me on the edge of my seat.LOL But..there are a couple of places in the movie that I was uncomfortable with when I knew there were "little kids" in the theatre. I don't understand why they even felt it was necessary to add that part to the movie.They had to know that the little kids would want to see that a soap box I am standing on?LOL Anyway..that is my opinion and this is my there.LOL
If you would like to use these papers...
Here is the link:
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    Scrapcat4914 said...

    Wow these are fantastic!!!
    TY so very much!!!

    grambie said...

    So nice to visit & see those fabulous curved 4th of July holiday papers. So beautiful with their stripes. Thanks for the various sizes of the curves. HUGS!!!

    Maria said...

    Thank you for the lovely freebie! Your post has been added to the list of freebies at

    Granna Deanna said...

    These are so cool! Thanks so much!

    PSharp said...

    Thank you for the wonderful papers.