Monday, July 09, 2007

Valjs Deep Red Grungy Elements

Hope you like red!! :) Here is the first set of elements with this design.I have part two for tomorrow. Be sure to click on the preview for a closer better view.:) I can't remember what I used to make the texture design. :( I really need to start keeping track of that.LOL

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you left me for the last set of red elements.I am soo glad you like it.:)

BTW...I wanted to let you know that Jill has a new kit she is giving away in parts...Be sure to go grab's gorgeous.!! Her link is in my side bar...under "stuff by jill". Be sure to leave her a wonderful comment.:)

Angel (link in side bar) has a new kit she has started and it is fantastic! I haven't stopped by there this morning yet..but as of yesterday..she had the papers and alpha up for grabs:) Go get them and tell her I sent you. Be sure to leave her some luv!

Michaele has a wordart.I love it! :) Her link is in my side bar under "jburkhart".

No..I haven't started a freebie list.LOL Just sending you to a few of my friends.:)

I enjoyed my weekend with my DH.We mostly just stayed home ..except for a movie and dinner on Saturday.Yesterday we baby sat our Grand daughters for a few hours.They were really good.:) We had a great time!

Leslie will be glad to know my DH mowed the she won't have to ride her mower here this week.LOL

Conny is back home and has left a post telling how she is..go see her...Link in side bar:)

If you would like to use this set of red elements....

Here is the link:

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    Scrapcat4914 said...

    TY so very much!!!!!!!

    Robbi1 said...

    Hi Val, Oh Im'm so excited, someone (other than family) stopped by my blog!thanks for all your sweet comments too, I sure appreciate them:) Thanks also for the update info on Conny, will head over and read her blog, hope she feels better! Love your ellies - they are just too cute.
    Thanks again and will check back soon:) Hugs

    ConnyB said...

    Hi Val,

    I just want to give you a BIG HUG now :) I haven´t caught up on all your new posts now, will do that tomorrow, but at least I wanted to stop by now and cuddle you *gg*
    I missed you! It´s so good to be back home, even though I don´t spend much time sitting here at the PC. I slept most of the day and will soon go to bed again, it´s so great to sleep in my own bed without any disturbings :)
    See you tomorrow!
    Good night,

    Maria said...

    Thank you for your beautiful freebie! Your blog post has been added to the freebies list at

    Angelsdigiscrap said...

    GM Val,
    I'm a day late and more then a dollar short!!! LOL. But I'm just now getting to make my rounds. Lillie has been really sick with an intestinial virus again!! And teething on top of that isn't fun! Her diaper rash is finally getting better, first time since Thursday night that she looks like she's feeling better. Her fever spiked to 102.9 yesterday am. So I had to take her to the Dr and get something for the diaper rash. Basicially he told me I was doing all that could be done for her. It just has to run it's course! Those are 3 words that I'm really starting to hate!!! "Run it's course!" whoever thought up those words must of never had a sick baby!! LOL. Anyway, she's getting better finally.
    I just stopped by to say hi! Thanks so much for mentioning my new kit on your blog! What a sweetie! :)

    Anonymous said...

    so cute! thank you

    PSharp said...

    Thank you for the pretty elements.