Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Valjs Deep Red Grungy Elements 2

Here is part 2 of the deep red grungy elements....hope you like them. :)

Thank you ALL soo much for your wonderful comments on part 1.I am sooo glad you like them.:) You are most welcome.:)

My Dh has been off for three days now and I have a house to clean and laundry to catch up on....so if I don't come see you today..it isn't because I don't want to... I will get there eventually.:) Summer sure is time consuming.Huh?:)

If you would like to use these elements too....

Here is the link:
  • dwnldlink

    Scrapcat4914 said...

    TY so very much for the wonderful 2nd part of these elements!!!!!

    Mrs. Miles said...

    oh I'LL be thinking of you girl... vrooooooooooooooooooooooom.... I can HEAR that vacuum sucking from here. I've got cramps today - ick and ugh... so please pray for me too? I'm feeling so sorry for myself LOL. I hadda come visit you before going down to help Miles with checking links over in a monsterous huge website he just made... whaaaaa.... have a better day than me LOL Frankly, I'll be GLAD for men-o-pause...


    Ci said...

    So wonderful your work!
    I loved all here :D
    Thank you for sharing.
    Do you like style to use in photoshop?
    Kisses my friend

    Anonymous said...

    These look like sugar art! thank you, so very pretty

    PSharp said...

    Thank you for the beautiful elements.

    Anonymous said...

    I absolutely love these elements!!! they are gorgeous! Thank you! :)

    jburkhart said...

    You said it - Summer sure is time consuming....I thought with my oldest home that I would be able to get MORE work done instead of LEss...guess I was wrong!
    Hope you didn't mind all my post and babbling...I have missed stopping by and saying hi to you!
    Big hugs and I look forward to your next visit!