Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Valjs Paper 6-5-07

I thought I would share a paper I had made.I don't know if any of you would be interested in using it...but I am going to start offering some papers I have made.I should say continue to offer.LOL I started it a while back and got side tracked..I have quite a few different ones.This one turned out kinda interesting..don't you think?:) Click on the preview for a closer view of it. Let me know what you do with it if you dwnld it.I would love to see.:) This one was made using an option in my PI paint program.Hope you like it.:)

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you left for me on yesterdays QP.I am sooooo glad you like it.:) You are most welcome.:)

Today I will continue to go through junk mail and get rid of a few unnecessary things that have been piling up.I don't have the nerve to start going through the stuff in my file cabinet.LOL I probably still have the paper work on the first car we ever bought.hehe I think if I had a job that I just really don't like..it would be anything involving paper work.I would rather do hard labor than to have to go through all that junk.LOL When I was Bakery Manager..I hated having to do the weekly bills and paper work.I would much rather be getting my hands messed up in all that icing or baking all those wonderful things..like fresh bread..or donuts..or cakes..etc. My sister is a legal secretary..maybe I could get her to come organize my paper work and I could go cook for her.LOL Paperwork is a huge part of her job.She's really good at it too.:) Hmmm....wonder what she wants for supper?LOL

If you would like to use this one...

Here is the link:
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    Leslie and the boyz! said...

    LOL thats funny beacause I am the same way about about paperwork. I pile it all in a box and let the hubby go thru it and he usually does but then puts it all back in the box!!! LOL I just throw out the box then. LOL The only thing he seems to save are the tax info and a few important things like that. I think its all important so I usually just save it all LOL
    LOVE the new paper.. and YESTERDAY's QP!!! I didn't get here yesterday was sooo busy.. mowing and Teeball.. and didn't have a whole lot of time on the puter.. I did blog and blogged for Let's Scrap.. and Did you See? I AM NOW ON RIKKI"S CT!!!! :) I am sooo Happy and EXCITED!!! :)

    ConnyB said...

    Hi Val,

    just wanted to stop by and say Hi to you :)
    56 years married, that is such a long, long time! I´m always glad to hear such things - in this times of divorces and pairs that tream after short periods.
    I hope you´re having a great day today! I agree - ask your sister to do the paper work and cook for her LOL
    In Germany we say: "one hand washes the other" ;-)
    Tomorrow will be my big appt. I´m not allowed to eat ANYTHING today :( I´m totally hungry and drink at least vegetable stock the whole day long (of course without any vegetables in there LOL). In 24 hours everything will be done, I´m so glad! I will eat a big pineapple than, I can almost taste it now *gg*

    Thank you very much for the new beautiful freebies - and of course for your nice comments :)

    Erin-Joi said...

    Having your sister help sounds like a great idea. She might have a better idea of what you really should keep and can be the "muscle" to get you to purge. Hmmm.... can I borrow her?
    Erin-Joi in Tucker

    Nancy72 said...

    Thanks so much for the paper, Val...should be an interesting one to play with...;o)

    My DH turned all the paper and money work over to me more than 50 years ago...I was diligent for all those years except the last one. On my To-Do list is one to learn Excell so I can do it on my PC. I bought a highly recommended book with DVD to help me but it must be lost under a pile of papers!!!!!

    RuthP said...

    This paper is absolutely georgous! You wouldn't hapen to have made it in any other colors?

    Sindiego said...

    I love your paper. Nice rich color. I'm so late downloading these days. I used to be the early bird with you and now I'm at the other end of the day.

    I've been busy today waging war...but all is well and resolved. They have taken down the forum and have begun a new one which will follow our sharing rules. I have registered there, and so has Hummie so we will be keeping tabs.

    I hope to have time to get a freebie up soon. I've been working on it, but with all my side-tracks, I haven't quite finished yet.

    I'll try to visit tomorrow morning to see what choice goodie you have for us.

    Thanks again,
    hugs ;)

    jburkhart said...

    Beautiful paper...love the color and the neat pattern....can use this one for the wedding that we attended the end of December....the colors were a dark burgandy redish color similar to the paper!
    I'm not much for cleaning cupboards, file cabinets and clutter in general - lol! I did get into my hall cupboards today and managed to neaten them up and get a few things to add to the yard sale collection that is in my garage!
    Gotta run...time to get off the computer! Glad I was able to stop by during the week even! Thanks so much for your visits and comments on my blog, too!
    Talk to ya soon!

    Liz said...

    LOVE the red!!! Thank you!

    If I were your sister, I'd run! LOL I'm a paralegal who used to be a legal secretary who still deals with paperwork, and I wouldn't want more!!! LOL