Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Valjs Birthday QP 6-11-07

I was playing yesterday and came up with this one.It is a lot different than what I usually do. I made the background paper a long while back and couldn't figure out what to do with it until yesterday.:) I hope you like this one..I had fun making it....I made the strips of crepe paper on the side and thought I would staple them to the background.Be sure to click on the preview for a closer view..it really looks like crepe paper.:) The wordart is only on the preview.What you get doesn't have it.I thought I would leave that area free for whatever you wanted to put on it.I just wanted to show you what you could do if you wanted to.:)

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you left for me yesterday.I love that color and am soo glad you do too.:)

Not much going on today.I am still half asleep as I write this...My youngest son and his wife and oldest daughter came over yesterday evening.They stayed until we decided it was bed time.After eleven.... I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.:)

Have a fantastic day today.:)

If you would like to use this bright and cheery bday QP.....

Here is the link:
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    Sindiego said...

    Good Morning....I am finally getting a chance to get some downloading done. I have a lot of catching up to do. Thanks for visiting me, yesterday, and leaving me a nice note. I've been so busy I haven't had much time for scrapbooking. Today, I have a completely filled day, so I'm trying to get an early start. (it's already 8:07 lol)

    I love your Birthday QP and will use it tomorrow. I have exactly the right picture for it! Today is my DD birthday... but I won't get a picture of that! She is too far away. I'm buying her a camera so hopefully, she will provide me with the pictures I so desire!

    Hope you have a great day. Mine will be filled with music. I've waited a long time for this. The organist from my church is coming over and we will be working on flute and organ music most of the day. I can't wait.

    Thanks again, for the QP.

    Hugs :)

    myscrapbook said...

    Love the bday QP.Nice bright colors.tfs

    Mrs. Miles said...

    Hi Valinda - I hope you had a good sleep! I have to tell you that this QP is PHENOMENAL ... truly, its the best I've seen - and you've done some amazing ones. BTW... my second faves would have to be the ones you were doing with the roses - they were so elegant!

    I hope to git out in the garden a bit and hit the library and thrift today... :)

    Have a blessed day, my friend and thanks for sharing your talent and time!


    Jody said...

    Thanks - just in time just had a birthday party for young grandson!

    Scrapcat4914 said...

    Luv the bright & cheery colors!!
    TY so very much Val!!!

    KendiRN said...

    Thank you!

    Katg1006 said...

    Hi Val....first chance I had to stop by since surgery! Cute QP! How are you doing??

    jsj said...

    Very Cute! Thank you!!

    Amy W. said...

    I like how bright and fun this page is Val! Excellent work as always. I hope you're doing well. I'm bushed since it's so hot and Emma and I are running around all day long. Take care of yourself!

    Suzi said...

    Hi, Val! I'm asleep at the computer while I'm typing this, so don't feel bad... I saw this and just HAD to come get it :) My grandson's birthday is next month and this will be perfect for a BD picture! Thank you so much and hopefully I can not be so tired next time you hear from me.

    Robbi1 said...

    Hey Val - Thanks so much for the darling Birthday QP - Michaele's DH, and both daughters birthdays are next month so I have a very good use in mind for this - Thanks much and take care! (Mom) Robbi1

    k said...

    Just love the birthday Qp!!! you're just so talented! Thank you for sharing! :)

    Nicole said...

    Thank you for the very nice QP.

    Linda said...

    Love it; thanks!

    jburkhart said...

    Love the bday qpage! I have three bdays next month, so I know I can use this one, too! It definitely looks like crepe paper strips - fantastic designing and very fun page! TFS!
    Gonna get going....need to get some dinner for the hubby....don't want to neglect him too much on his Daddy's day! :)
    Thanks for your friendship!

    Liz said...

    SOOO cute! Thanks!!