Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Christy's blog updated...

Christy..my DD..just finished another of her gorgeous dolls.She has put them on her blog..because I have bugged her to pieces to do that.She finally did it.yea!!!:)

Click here if you want to go see her newest doll..she is soo pretty!!:)
  • Christy's Creations

  • Don't forget to leave her a comment or two.Thanks:)



    Mrs. Miles said...

    Wow - what TALENT - bet she inherited it from...? haha - its obvious! Love your paper today. Thanks for leaving me some love at DST - wonder why you were unable to leave a comment at my blog? We started off with a big storm here today, its looking like an inside day...will help Miles create some google maps for a website contract he has. Catch you later, my friend! *hugs*


    Dadoo said...

    Valinda - In answer to your question about has Emma started to help Amy W with cooking, go to Amy's archives and look at February 19th.

    Lots of Love. Amy's Dadoo

    ConnyB said...

    I visited Christy and left her a comment of course ;) She does such pretty work! Thank you for the link :)
    Well, I´m finally done with all the analysis now - and I´m glad that I can eat something again. Almost of to buy my pineapple LOL
    I hope you´re having a great day today, my friend!

    grambie said...

    Sorry I am late responding, but getting my computer in working order since Sony finally returned it. So glad to see those fabulous designs on her blog. Christy is so talented & has been touched by God to show her designs to the world. I will have to get my children together for funds so that I can hopefully bid. This is because of your daughter's fantastic designs; normally I do not use Ebay. HUGS XOXOXO

    jburkhart said...

    wow....those sure are some beautiful creations she has made! Glad you shared her website and put a link in your sidebar...can take a peek to see what she will create next!
    Take Care!