Thursday, May 24, 2007

Valjs Stitched Block Paper 9

Okay...I wasn't sure about this one.I know it would be great for fall layouts ...but I was thinking it can be used for both boys and girls layouts too.With a few coordinating elements.What do you think? Would you like a kit with this one? Let me know what you think ..cause if you don't want it..I have other colors.:) I won't know when you get tired of these stitched block papers unless you tell me or unless the dwnlds stop.LOL

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you left for me on yesterdays QP.I was soo surprised that there were so many of you that wanted to use it.:) I was even debating whether to put it up or not.LOL

If you would like to use this one....

Here is the link:

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    Sindiego said...

    Good morning, Val. Thanks for another great freebie. I saw your work in use, this morning, and just wanted to make sure you didn't miss seeing it. Click on this link.

    to see 3 beautiful layouts using your freebies.

    Hope you have a great weekend. I'll see you on Monday and catch up on all the things I missed over the weekend.

    Hugs :)

    ConnyB said...

    Thank you very much Val! For this beautiful gift - and also for your nice comment again!
    The new doll of your daughter is so pretty again! She´s very talented :)
    Well, I didn´t spent 4 hours at the hospital today for my analysis but even 6(!) hours... Can you tell I´m exhausted now?
    The result is: nothing! We tested if I tolerate lactose, and it seems to be okay with me. But I´ve had luck with the doctor there: she also has MS and agrees with me that I have to search for the reason, she couldn´t imagine that it´s caused by MS either, so she suggested a colleague to me now who has further possibilities for me to find things out ;)So it wasn´t bad at all for me today!
    But I had to stay without eating and drinking for about 20 hours till I got home, so I´ve had a big meal now and drank a bottle water immediately. Now I will take a nap ;)
    Won´t blog today either, because I will have another meeting with my MS-group this evening. Stressful days right now, but I had to come to visit you and send you a {Big Hug}
    I hope your day is wonderful :))

    myscrapbook said...

    love the new block colors.tfs

    grambie said...

    Another beautiful color choice that is definitely a winner. Love the color mixture design. To know where to place each color block in relations to another is just awesome. Thanks for thinking of us. XOXOXO

    jburkhart said...

    This is a pretty color combination....definitely reminds me of fall time, too!
    Can you believe another week has come and gone...boy, this year is flying so quickly!
    Things are going fine right major events this week - lol!
    Take Care!

    Linda said...

    Thanks Val; the colors are really nice!