Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Valjs Stitched Block Blue Polaroid Frame

Here is the blue one.Remember we used this background paper for the boys Qp for Leslie? I may go on to the flower cut outs tomorrow and then come back to the other few with stars after that some time.I sure hope you are enjoying these polaroid frames.:) Thank you ALL so much for your wonderful comments that you leave for me.I really love to read what you think and how your day is going.:)

You know that laundry I said I was gonna do yesterday?..well...that didn't happen.LOL My DD was off of work and she wanted me to run around with her to do some errands and shop etc.So..I got ready ..cause I believe it is more important to do things with your kids than to clean house.You can do the house cleaning when they aren't around.:) Well..I can only hope.LOL Anyway...just as I was getting ready to get my shoes on and walk out the dog (Freedom) started getting excited and whining.She recognized our visitor...It was my Mom.(minus her red hat.LOL) She had an early Dentist appt. and he is right down the street from me.She surprised us and we included her into our plans.:) We went to the Tuesday Morning Store (which my Dh just happens to manage.) :) for their first Tuesday of the month sale...then to the bank ..then to eat at Applebees..then to the post office so my DD could mail her doll that she made for their "trade" that she has in a forum.Then we went to do some shopping..then back to my Mom's to let her dog out...then back to my house and took a nap in the recliners.:) Mom stayed til around four thirty..then I had to start supper cause my DH had come home from work.I told you all this to say ankle was really hurting after all that walking I didn't do the laundry ..cause it involves walking up and down the stairs..which I was NOT going to do right then.:)So that is why I am doing it today instead. If you have read this far..bless you...cause it isn't the most exciting read.LOL

Have a fantastic day today!!:)

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    Saab said...

    *ROTFL* Val...... I need help!!!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one :-) it makes me feel better. I'm so tired and I'm watching House and I'm still uploading and checking the forum LOL. I so need to get off the PC but I can't stop myself!!!! It's 9.30pm if I don't iron my DH and kids wont have shirts and a dress for tomorrow!!!! OH well I'm getting used to ironing at 6.30am *LOL*

    I hope your getting up todate with your.

    Hugs Sonia

    Sindiego said...

    I think laundry is right there on the bottom of my list of things I like to do, but I've gotta do it.

    My husband is Mr. Laundry. The same item of clothing never goes back on his body if it comes off. (Three or four changes a day!) That makes for an overflowing hamper! I have my washer going before I pour my first cup of coffee in the morning...otherwise, we'd be buried in the stuff. And then, there's the housework. Ugh! I'd prefer to be slaving over my overheating computer. Anyway...those are my two cents on the issue of laundry. LOL

    Thanks for another great frame.

    Erin and Leslie and the boyz! said...

    Thanks for the GREA frame Val :) Its definately going to look great with my boys' Pictures.. also.. It will be Perfect with that Midnight blue kit I got.. :) SAWEET :)

    Now i have to say your daughter has a remarkable talent.. I love that figurine too. wow.. I can't even find the best word to describe it.. Other than magnificent!!! I can only DREAM of having that talent.

    You family is full of creativity! :)

    Scrapcat4914 said...

    TY Val for yet another wonderful frame!!!

    Sounds like you got to spend a wonderful day together!!
    Who ever receives it in the swap sure is LUCKY!!!!!

    grambie said...

    Thanks for the lovely new blue toned frame. So pretty with my favorite color. I am using my left hand to type, but the pain is too high. So see you tomorrow if I can get on a computer & able to type. Thanks again for this fantastic collection.

    RuthP said...

    Thank you for the frames.

    I would be glad to loan you one of my teenagers to do your laundry. They do an excellent job on the laundry if you don't mind putting up with a little grumbling along the way. If you want the folding done well, too, I suggest you borrow my 17yo. She also does an excelent job on the folding as well as the actual washing.

    jburkhart said...

    Sounds like you had a lovely day with your mother and daughter! Definitely more important than doing the laundry!!!!! I 100% agree!
    Hope your ankle is feeling better now!

    Embosje said...

    That Fairy!!!! Soooooooooo beautiful. I envy your daughter's talent.

    And you are right, first the kids, than the housework (it won't walk away. I sometimes wish it does LOL)

    Thank you for all the lovely things you share with us.

    Big hugs Embosje (Rotterdam, Holland)