Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Valjs Stitched Block 8-cloth

Here is the cloth textured paper..hope you like it.:)

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you left for me yesterday.I sure appreciate your taking the time to do that.:) I know I say that all the time..but I really do mean it.:)

I plan on taking down the 2006 archives today...so if I don't come to say hi this morning..that would be the reason why. I hope you have enjoyed using them.:)

If you would like to use this one....
Here is the link:
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    Sindiego said...

    Good morning. Blogging is time consuming, isn't it. You have to make the freebie, get it ready, write your blog, upload it to all the sites, check the links, etc, etc, etc. I am taking the day off from Photoshop today, too. I think I'll play the organ. I haven't done much of that since I began blogging and designing. My eyes can't take much more of the computer without a break. Hope you have a wonderful day and get all your links down. Come visit and get your Fabric Tags. They might come in handy for something! LOL

    Hugs :)

    Sindiego said...

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I put up a preview of what the 12 kits will look like, for those without vision. I guess I should have done that in the beginning, since interest in this kit is not what I thought it might be. Anyhow, go take a look and tell me what you think. Be kind, now, it's only my first kit!

    Glad you got all your files removed. That in itself was a big job. :)

    I am going to play my organ! I gave up on my piano after 3 years, 6 hours a day of practice. I love the organ and probably should have been born many centuries ago...lol

    Have a nice day. It's still early.

    Hugs :)

    Sindiego said...

    Another in our series of "Mutual Admiration" letter..lol

    Thanks for the kind words, as always. I hope the addition of the preview perks up the downloads.

    Later, I'm sure...lol

    Hugs (again) Boy you ARE loved!

    Mrs. Miles said...

    Hope you are successful archiving today, Valinda! thanks for your HUGE efforts. Sorry I was not about yesterday, my internet was not working until afternoon, and by then I was in heavy cleaning mode - to stop would have been like tryig to stop a mack truck! Have a good one!

    *hugs* Barb

    Angelsdigiscrap said...

    GM Val,
    Thanks for all the comments while I was away on vacation. We didn't get home until late last night and basically went to bed when we did. It was a very long flight home, but glad to be back. I've taken over 300 pics and I can't wait to share them. I think I'm going to take 1-2 days off to get things done before I'm actually back. Just had to stop by and say hi. I've miss you!! Take care and ttyl,

    Erin and Leslie and the boyz! said...

    Thank you Val:) Love the look of this page. I have some great pictures of the boys playin in the durt with thier trucks.. so this is going to be a GREAT page:) THANK YOU!! :)
    Have to make some sandwiches they think they are starving today.. LOL :) HUGS

    grambie said...

    Thanks again for another fantastic stitched paper. Love the color combination. You just dare to go where no one has gone before. OK Trekkie!! I wouldn't have thought of this color combination in many a year. Whenever I do get my computer back, although after all this time they should give me another one, I will leave a link at the RAK for you. Have another fabulous designing day.

    Linda said...

    Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us!

    jburkhart said...

    I bet it will take you some time to get all those files from 2006 off...you were creating beautiful goodies all over the place.....thanks so much for all the gorgeous goodies you have shared with me and everyone! Sure do appreciate it and I love to visit your blog (when I finally get the chance!) and read how your week is going!
    Thanks for your blog friendship!

    Julie P. aka babyofmine said...

    thanks! I totally love this set. :)