Monday, May 07, 2007

Valjs Green Flower Polaroid Frame

Here is a greenish colored one with the same design that the purple one has a few posts back.Hope you like it.:)

Thank you ALL so much for the wonderful comments you left for me ...I am sooo glad you like these frames.:) You are most welcome.I hope you get a lot of fun using them.:)

I got a late start this morning .My dog ..Freedom..woke me up around two thirty this morning and when she got outside..she didn't want to come back the time she finally did..I was awake enough that I couldn't get back to sleep for a long time and then when I finally did get to sleep..I was soo tired..I kept waking myself up snoring.LOL I know I am not the only one that does that....okay..confession is good for the soul.hehe..tell me you do too..LOL Anyway..while Freedom was outside ..I fixed the coffee pot so that all my DH had to do was turn it on when he got up and I stayed in bed this morning.:)

I did something yesterday that I haven't done in a longggg time.I actually scrapped.LOL I used some of the freebie Qp's I have been collecting over the last year or so.:) It felt really good.I finally filled up one of my 8"x8" albums and I have another one that I am filling with the layouts of my dog and Christy's cat.That one is only about a quarter of the way full.:) When I get the credits etc lined up..I will see about posting them so you can take a look.:)

Have a fantastic day!!

If you would like to use this frame....

Here is the link:
  • dwnldlink

    Sindiego said...

    I'm glad I wasn't the only one up at the crack of dawn. I guess pets rule! Thanks, again, for another great frame. This is one of my favorite colors. I'll be sure to use it.

    Mrs. Miles said...

    It sounds like HAVING to get up with the dog was actually a BLESSING to your DH! LOL! I can't wait to see what you scrapped... its been forever for me. Thanks for visiting my blog Valinda, on the weekend... I took some time off, but I sure appreciated your sweet comments. Thanks for your faithfulness! *hugs* Barb

    PS: when is your Christie's blog going to be up?

    Sindiego said...

    Outlook express sent me a failure to deliver message for the message I left you this morning. I think the internet is against me! I wish I knew what was happening. Let me know if you ever received it.

    Scrapcat4914 said...

    TY so very much for todays wonderful frame!!

    grambie said...

    All I can say about this poloroid frame is fantastic. Oh my with the beautiful color combination & the swirls so elegant in design. The white cutout just pops. TFS. Leavin A Little LUV!!

    jburkhart said...

    Hi there Valinda! Loved your visits to my blog and the nice comments you left me too! Big thanks and hugs!
    Dh is home today so I don't get to be on the internet much...he needs the computer, so will catch up tomorrow...just wanted to drop by and say hello!
    P.S. Hope you sleep better tonight!

    renaenick said...

    This is such a pretty frame!

    You have to be just one of the kindest people. You leave the sweetest comments for everyone!

    Thank you for sharing and for being YOU!


    Erin and Leslie and the boyz! said...

    Thanks for the Great frame Val. I love them so much.. These ones are really going to be perfect with my spring flowers.. If I ever get to take pictures of any. LOL :) Its either Raining, or we are sick or busy.. We have not had much time to get pics taken.. LOL :)

    Your dog sounds like my 3 year old. Up at the crack of dawn and wont go back to sleep. I have and by the time he does.. then the OTHER son wakes up. LOL :) Thanks for stopping by my site:) Hope you are taking care of yourself:) Eating right:) (I need to be doing that too.) Lotsa LOVE:)

    AmyW. said...

    Hi Val!
    Thank you for all these great frames. I loved the sunflower one from yesterday! I'm sorry about your lack of sleep, I've woken myself up snoring a few times too. I'm glad you got to get some scrapping done. You make so much you should be able to use it too!

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you Val! These are beautiful!

    Pillowgirl said...

    I am always happy when I see your posts in my comments, so I thought it was well overdue time I came and posted a comment for you :) I don't get much surfin' time these days but your site is on my list of the first ones to surf to when I have free time. Your new frames are fun! I am thinking they might be a great way to brighten up some of my dull black layouts I have been working on.
    Hope the diet is treating you well, I am thinking of starting a recipe blog for us low carb gals. Will let you know! I am down 11 pounds or so now! And lovin' it :)

    ConnyB said...

    Hi Val,

    sorry that your dog awakes you in the middle of the night... You know I love animals from the bottom of my soul, but when I read things like this: I´m glad they´re all in the zoo and not in my house LOL
    Thank you very much for the new, cool frame! Good that you´ve done some scrapping also :) Maybe you can show some of your Layouts?
    I hope you´re having a wonderful day!

    Tammy aka bunchie said...

    I love love love this color! TY!