Thursday, May 03, 2007

Valjs Flower Polaroid Frame-purple

Here is the first flower polaroid frame.I made this with one of the papers I have made.I thought since I put a blue one up yesterday and blue is considered for boys mostly..that I would put a purple one up for girls...although I have some pretty flower blue ones too and girls like blue too.:) Let me know if you like this design and if you do... I will post more this week.:) I don't want to wear you out with these.:) There is room on them for journaling too....or at least a title.:) Let me know when you are tired of these frames.:)
I finally got most of my laundry done.I never get it all caught up..but I am sooo close to it..:) My DH and DS mowed the yard and moved one of my azalea bushes to the back yard yesterday.Something I have been wanting done for a longgg time.:) We tried gardenia bushes..I LOVE gardenias..something that grows really well in Florida...but not so much in Georgia.They don't take the cold very well.:( I had a small house when we first got married...and it had gardenia bushes all around it.I loved opening the windows when they were in bloom.You sure didn't need scented candles then.:) Oh well..they will have to remain in my memories.:)
Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you left for Christy and me yesterday.I sure appreciate your taking the time to do that.Christy is working on her web page and it is under when she gets it finished I will put a link to it on here.Probably in my side bar.:)
Grambie..I hope your hand gets better soon ....I have tendonitus in my left wrist.When it flares really limits me...but resting it seems to help some. do your teenagers feel about coming to Georgia and doing my laundry?LOL
If you would like to use this frame...
Here is the link:

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    Suzi said...

    Hi, Val! I'm back in one piece, but VERY tired. We had to remove EVERYTHING from my Mom's 2 story house. She had a LOT of stuff!!! Anyway, she's o.k., I'm o.k., and I'll probably have to make another trip at some point. She's staying with my brother at the moment. Thank you for thinking of me.

    myscrapbook said...

    Great the colors.tfs

    Scrapcat4914 said...

    TY so very much Val!!!!
    Glad you got your laundry done!!
    So did I!!! LOL

    Mrs. Miles said...

    Oh Valinda... when do we get YOUR yard pics? Can't wait to see. Is it hot and humid where you live?

    I hope you have a wonderful day!

    *hugs* Barb

    ConnyB said...

    Thank you so much for the two new frames :)
    You´ve been so busy since yesterday WOW! I love the new dolls of your daughter also. How long does it take her to get one of them finished? This looks so detailed, I guess it takes her forever?
    Glad you got some gardening done :)
    I went to the doctor and there is nothing really new now. Just talked to her because of my medication - I will let one of my medicines away because it didn´t work and try another one instead. The sad thing for me was: she told me that my intestine would probably never work like before, that I will have to take medicine always. And now it is time to find the right one. I have something that´s helping me for emergency, but that´s too aggressive to take it enduring, so I let it be - at least until it is worse.
    I hope you have a great day!
    I will soon send a new email through my group - just uploading something now, so watch out *g*

    kim199173 said...

    I live in noretheast Georgia. My mom lives in Lilburn. Do you know where Lilburn is? She has a Gardenia growing in her backyard. It is absolutely HUGE! I adore their scent too! It is one of my favorites. I have yet to get one to live here though. I may try again this year!

    jburkhart said...

    Hi Valinda!
    I so love the smell of Gardenia is delicious! My parent's use to have one at their old house and it was so fragrant....I would love to be able to grow them here.....I have a jasmine bush that is a real delight to smell when it is in bloom!
    Thanks for your visit today! Yes, Bon Jovi's song last night was so beautiful! I am really looking forward to watching GA tonight, as well! Hope you are able to catch it!
    I am constantly doing oldest seems to change her clothes three times a day and my little one two times a day.....then all the sheets and towels and it never ends!!!! LOL!
    Today, though, I am finally defraging my external hard drive....I have been meaning to do this for the last three really needed to be done. I started it at 10:30 and now at 12:50 it is 40% done. I hope it doesn't take too much time because I can't download anything new or work on my kits or layouts....guess getting it degraged is more important right now!
    Gotta run! Hope you have a wonderful day/night! TTYL!
    P.S. Beautiful purple frame!

    grambie said...

    I am speechless because of the overall beauty of this fantastic design & flower embellishments. WOW, the flowers along with the deep cutouts make another signature trademark. This is the 1st time I have seen Poloroid frames in this awesome design. Thanks again for your ingenuity in finding the right punch to enhance your designs. I Love It!!! XOXOXO.

    Thanks for the kind words. All of my pain, etc., is from a blood disorder that is currently unknown with neuropathy added. I am still perservering, trusting in his love & the strength he has given me. According to my specialists, I am supposed to be bed-ridden with a homenurse, but the love of all I have met on various blogs & digital sites, especially the RAK, has given me the courage & love to continue on. I feel good because of his blessings in spite of the pain. Look how your words of love just lifted me up higher in this wonderful journey of life. So sweet of you. Love to you & your family, including blog family.

    RuthP said...

    My 17yo would probobly love to visit Georgia (although she would probobly complain about more laundry as she just finished her turn at our house) - she says Colorado is way too cold.

    Thanks for the frame.

    Sindiego said...

    Good morning, Val! I was so busy having "creative" fun yesterday, I didn't have any "downloading" fun and I almost missed your frame. This one is gorgeous. I will definitely use it. Thanks, so much, for sharing.

    Erin and Leslie and the boyz! said...

    OHHHH Val these frames are amazing!!! I love the flowery ones.. although I have only boyz my Sassy(puppy) and I are still female and will enjoy them so much:) THANK YOU!!