Sunday, May 06, 2007

Valjs Flower Polaroid Frame 3

Here is one for this summer.:) The background is another one from Photo Impact 11.I still have some that I did with the papers I designed.Remember the purple one a few posts back..I have an aqua and a pink and a blue...with that any of you want them?:) You won't be lacking in polaroid frames if I have anything to do with it.LOL I also have more with the stars.They are done with some of the stitched block papers I haven't offered yet...Let me know if you are getting tired of these and I can move on to something else.:)

Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you leave for me.I really look forward to them.I feel like my friends have come for a really nice visit. You are all most welcome.:)

My DH is off today so I don't know how much computer time I will if I don't come for a will know why.:)

If you would like to use this frame.....

Here is the link:
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    Anonymous said...

    Tired??? Not at all. The're lovely.
    Compliments for your back yard.

    ConnyB said...

    Hi Val,

    thanks for coming to see me :) I love your new frame - like the ones before, thank you for sharing!

    Your backyard really looks like a lot of work to put into it - but it also seems to be a wonderful area, so it will be worth the work! I´m keeping my fingers crossed for you that you will have the power and that it won´t take too long :)
    I didn´t post on my blog today, just have a relaxing day with my hubby around this Sunday. My visit to the zoo was nice as always: I´m now an official member of our zoo-club! WOHOO! I wanted to get in there anyway, but I didn´t know how - yesterday I found out and am proud to be part of it now :))))
    That means: we inform the visitors about the animals and their needs - and also inform about new projects there. I will visit member meetings and will have special leadings through the zoo from now on. Isn´t that exciting? Can´t tell you how happy I am about it *g*

    I hope you will have a wonderful Sunday today :)

    myscrapbook said...

    Love the frames.tfs

    Scrapcat4914 said...

    Awesome TY so very much really love these frames!!

    Suzi said...

    Thank you so much, Val! I love the frames. I'm still going in slow motion, but I'll be back!

    Angelsdigiscrap said...

    HI Val,
    This will be the last comment until we return home on the 15th! I just had to come by and tell you that I LOVE your backyard!!!! I didn't get a chance to post that the other day, my IE got an error in the middle of the post and I didn't have the time to play games with it right then. I'm almost finished packing and getting excited now!! I can't wait for my parents to see Lillie!! I know they will be heart broken when we have to leave. But at least I'm good at taking lots of pictures and sending them too. It's a busy busy day for me, so I must be going. We have to go bed early and get up at 3am to head to the airport!! Yuck!!! Did I mention I'm not a morning person, LOL. Give me lots of coffee through IV please!! LOL. Take care and I'll post a comment for you when I get back home! :)

    Sindiego said...

    Thanks for all these lovely frames. You are sure to provide us with exactly the right color for whatever we need. One can never have too many frames. They add so much to a layout. Hope you have an enjoyable Sunday. (hope you don't have to work in the backyard all day!)

    Nancy72 said...

    I really like the flower frames...what a great idea...I'd like to send you some of my photos...don't know if I'll learn how to make those but you are definitely an inspiration...THANKS...;o)