Friday, May 04, 2007

Photos of my yard

Some of you wanted to see my yard that I was telling you here are the front yard pics..tomorrow I will show you the back yard.:) This is the view from my front porch.I can see the storms coming across the top of the trees..I love it when the sky lights up with lightning.It is soo coool!!:) You can watch the storm coming right at you..... Then if it gets too close..we always have the basement.LOL
This is looking down from my front hubby is in the process of painting the railing on it.:) We need new pinestraw and pine chips for this area..It will look a lot better after that is done.We used the rocks they had to dig out to make the pond..there were a lot of them too.:)

My hubby ran a hose from the pump in the pond just behind this set of rocks and placed them so it would look natural.So this runs all the time...The pump pumps the water to the top of this little hill (behind the rocks)and the stream makes it flow back into the pond....thus..constantly running water.:) Cool huh?

I can't get use to how to put these photos on blogger and they stay in the order I had planned for them to.LOL..Anyway...this is what you see when you walk up the driveway and take the stairs up to my front door.:) It is a small pond my hubby and my youngest son dug out and made several years ago.It has a stream too..which you probably saw since these aren't going in the order I wanted them to.LOL are the photos of my yard.Please keep in mind..we live in Ga. and have the red clay everywhere.:) This is before we have started any work on the yard except for my Dh and Ds mowing it the other day and moving an azalea bush from the mailbox in the front the back yard.:) My DH used the weed eater on the leriope ( sprigs of grassy plants)that go around the edge of this flower bed.They get rough looking during the winter and if you cut them back they come up really pretty again.:) So..this is kinda rough looking right the frost got to the bushes in front of the maple tree and all those beautiful bright pink flowers all over them..turned rusty and wilted.:( The junipers are huge. I bet they are wider than both of my arms outstretched.:)There is always a car or two in the driveway..cause there are four adults living here(My two adult kids and my dh and me and we each have our own vehicle.The red one ..that you see the bumper of is my DS's red mustang..he is soo proud of that car.LOL

Hope you enjoyed your tour of my front yard.:)
Have a fantastic day and don't forget to scroll down to get the freebie frame for today:)


Erin and Leslie and the boyz! said...

I LOVE YOUR HOUSE not to mention the yard.. If we didn't rent I would have a pond. I had a pond at the house we were buying before but due to Lead Paint making my son VERY VERY sick... We had to give it up:( Anyway.. I love your gardens and the flowing stream and the Grass is Awesome.. I would definately be in heaven! LOL :) Yeah I would also agree with it being Hilly there.. Here... Its as flat as a pancake.. You get a few rolling hills here and there but otherwise it is FLAT!!!! I love your view of the storms too. GREAT PICTURES:)
Thank you for sharing them! :)


Mrs. Miles said...

Your yard is LOVELY Valinda - and its exciting to see what you are doing with it! There is terrific satisfaction in fixing it up! I always get started and can't quit! Thanks SO VERY much for sharing with us.. and I think your download is delicious! Have a wonderful weekend - not sure how much i will/won't be around. *hugs* Barb

grambie said...

What a beautiful landscaped area of your home. Love the photos of your home & its entrance. All the greenery is just fabulous. Don't worry, I will be visiting Atlanta, GA, once the weather cools. My eldest granddaughter has her doctorate in Pharmacy & has settled in Atlanta. She is also searching for a home. But she is waiting for me to move with her Z& her spouse. This was my church partner throughout her youth. When she visits, she still stay with me although her Mother has a much larger & beautiful home. I am in the City in a double, (2 homes side-by-side.) I will just admire the gardens because I can't work in them, allergies galore along with everything else. But your pictures just made my day. I will definitely visit Atlanta, although I am not too keen on the humidity because it is horrible here, but much worse there. She is in a gated condo at the present with her new spouse. He knows when he married her, I came along as extra baggage. "SMILE." Anyway, keep the beautiful landscape photos coming. So pretty. TFS.

crosstown said...

Love the pond. I have always wanted one. Thanks for the frame

Beka said...

I am jealous! your yard looks fantastic, and I love the fountain so much!