Saturday, May 05, 2007

My Back Yard Needs Help LOL

This is what you see if you step outside my back sliding glass doors and look to the right.My DH had plans of making a concrete patio for the area just outside the back door...because we have a hard time getting grass to grow in this area.The window behind the grill is to our office.
This is what you see if you look straight out our back doors.That use to be a really nice swing...but the wind messed the top of it up and the weather destroyed the rest of it.LOL This whole area use to be a hill that came halfway into our yard.My Dh rented a Bob Cat and leveled it.Whew..that was a huge mess and a lot of work..but I LOVE the way it opened the back yard up and gave us more space.The water fall(to the left) is in the plans for our future too.We have all the stuff to make it another pond..but all those rocks will have to be taken down and plastic put down and then all those rocks put back where they were...another huge job...that we aren't looking forward to with our bad backs.:) Right now it is working for us...when it rains the water from up the hill flows over those rocks and if you notice..there is a small dip in the ground in front of the swing...that is for the excess water it doesn't run into our yard.My DH dug a small drainage ditch for it to flow on down the hill and bypass our yard.We need to get some gravel or white rocks to fill it it will stop the mud and only allow the water to flow.That use to be a huge problem..not any more.:) Our yard goes all the way behind the that white area up the hill.That is our neighbors fence.My DH put the lattice fence behind the swing to hide the cut off part of his Bob Cat work.:) Then we planted the hide some of the fencing.hehe. This use to look sooo good when we were both working..and could afford to make it like we wanted chips on the area around the swing..and pine straw around the hedges...tan chips..under the swing area( pic below)..and pine chips around the maple tree.It was simply gorgeous.We have a lot of work to do this summer.LOL

These two photos are of the swing set my DH made for our Grand Daughers for when they come to visit.:) My DH put the swing there when the tree was small.LOL It doesn't interfere with their swinging though.:)

This is our gathering spot for out doors grilling.The tree gives us plenty of shade and we wanted the back yard to look like a park in a way.Think it worked?:) The deck and spa are to the left of this.You see this area when you walk out my back door and look to the left.See the small hill behind the table...that is what ran into the middle of our yard..and that is what my DH leveled to give us more yard.It was really worth it to us..we love the yard now.Just wish it looked like it did when we first did it.:).Any volunteers??LOL a way I am glad I took the pics cause it shows me I need to get my butt into gear.LOL
Hope you enjoyed the tour of my back yard.:) I glad it's rainy today.LOL


Lizzerd said...

more work or not, your back yard looks like a wonderful place to get away from it all !!!! have fun with your task list !

AmyW. said...

Your post today reminded em that it has been awhile since I actually commented when I stopped by. I'm such a horrible friend. I have no excuse other than I get easily distracted and forget if I only stopped by looking for freebies or actually commented.
You back yard isn't too bad. At least yours has more going on then my sad and lonely patch of grass.
I hope you are doing well and taking good care of yourself.
I'm glad I cut Emma's hair we aren't having big battles during brushings anymore, just small ones.

grambie said...

The both of you did a fantastic job on your huge backyard, with the dirt removal & all. WOW, I can feel the back pain from all that yard work. This is when you need two strong healthy sons or son-in-laws to come over & do the yard work. "SMILE." It does resembled an opened area in the park with the bench and water fountain. Nice idea & it works. Have a lovely weekend. Leavin A Little LUV!!!

Erin and Leslie and the boyz! said...

I love your Yard!!! its so inviting! I love it! :) Love the corner little garden area by the retaining wall. Very cool!! :) I have to say its much better than my back yard:) my back yard gets all the kids' toys and swings and lawn mowers and propane tank and all that stuff you want to hide from passers by. lol :)

THANK YOU so much for the well wishes and for the GREAT FREEBIE frames!!! they are GREAT!! :)