Monday, April 23, 2007

Valjs Stitched Block 7 QP

This is for those of you who aren't sick and tired of the stitched blocks I have been giving you.LOL I can't just let them sit in my hard drive and not share them with those of you who may want we go again.LOL Hope you like it!!:) There are psd and png files in the zipped file.

Thank you all for the fantastic comments you left for me yesterday.I will have to try your suggestions and see how many files I can get transferred. I love the one about chaining me to my desk and my DH bringing me food and drink.hehe.:) Thanks for that one Nancy72.:) I did get about five or six days done.Yay!:)

My DH and I went to a craft show yesterday.They cut off the main part of town and you see all kinds of tents and canopies with goodies for sale.They had those big blow up play slides etc for the kids. We were strolling through looking at stuff when I heard someone out of the crowd yell"MOM".Isn't it funny that the whole place can be sooo crowded with people and you hear someone call "Mom" and you know it's your child.? Cool!:) It was my youngest son and he was there with his wife and girls.We didn't stay long because I can't walk very much on uneven ground.It makes my ankle work too much and I could barely walk when I got back home...but it was fun while it lasted.:) Guess it's time to pull out the wheel chair.:( Bummers! Oh do the best you can do with what is dealt to you.Right?:)
Oh..I wanted to tell you about a car we saw there in the car show.It was a convertable and had a hard top that would fold up and tuck away in the trunk.It was done by a switch on the dashboard.Cool! Which is okay if you don't need the trunk for groceries and want to let the top down at the same time.LOL

Well..guess I better get this up for you to dwnld.:)

Here is the link:
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    Shell said...

    Thanks this is so pretty.

    mamamaytag said...

    I've been trying to leave a comment for the last couple of days. And dont know why it want let me. But think It;s straighten out. Hope any way. To start with I'll post here that your doodle frames were great. And i for one not tired of your stitched blocks. I think they great. Thank you so much. All your freebies are greatly apprecated.

    Mrs. Miles said...

    Hi Valinda - lovely QP - thanks so much for sharing. Sounds like you enjoyed the craft show... did you take pictures, by chance? I am sooo sorry about your struggles with mobility... I'm praying for a touch from God for you. I'm so glad to be back - to encourage you... Have a blessed day - rest them legs, my friend. Love, Barb

    ConnyB said...

    Thank you very much for your new paper Val! I´m not sick and tired of them *gg*
    Glad to hear that you´ve had a nice day yesterday! Though I´m sorry for you with your mobility. I think it´s not a shame to use a wheel-chair. I have mine here also and use it when it has to be. For healthy people it is a horror to imagine that, but than: it´s a helpful friend and nothing else for diseased people, isn´t it? So I will encourage you to get it out and use it! It will sure help you to enjoy many other days with having plenty of energy! My thoughts are with you, my friend!
    Thank you also very much for your nice comment today! I always enjoy reading your words :)
    I wish you a good start to the new week!

    Mrs. Miles said...

    Oh Val!!! what a sweet (stinky) element idea, thanks so much! I will do that, right today! HUGS!

    Scrapcat4914 said...

    Thank you so very much for the great QP!!!
    Val I own a black softtop 2002 Toyato Solaro convertiable and love it!!!

    PSharp said...

    Thank you for the wonderful QP. Love the stitched block designs.

    jburkhart said...

    Hi are you doing? Hope you have rested up and your legs and ankles are feeling better! Your trip to the craft fair sounded like fun, glad you got to see your son and family, too! Love the quick page - beautiful colors! TFS!
    Today we will be going to my oldest daughter's first softball game of the season - she is the pitcher.....I can't wait to see how well she does.
    Take care and enjoy your day!:)

    AmyW. said...

    Oh Val this is a beauty of a QP! I'm just popping in to say HI! My MIL is still here so computer time is limited. I hope you're doing better and wish you well my friend.

    Erin and Leslie and the boyz! said...

    What a beautiful page VAL i love the cluster it is Very pretty.. So I am so happy you had fun this weekend.. and I would LOVE a convertable if only it could fit 2 car seats and another little boy and My hubby and myself cofortably. LOL :) I hope your ankle is doing better today. I hope you dont need the wheelchair I know you are probably feeling a little miserable.. But always remember we are here for you:) no matter what!! :)

    I also agree about the MOM thing.. We went to my sons Program and out all them kids I could hear my son and I knew it was him. Its Pretty amazing how much a bond a parent has with their children:)

    myscrapbook said...

    Love your stitchec blocks.tfs

    Sabrina said...

    Thanks for sharing this awesome QP. And for the record, I'm absolutely not sick of your stiched kit pieces. Keep 'em coming please.

    Nancy72 said...

    This QP really shows off how beautiful the colors are...Thanks so much...;o)

    Christeph said...

    Oh Val, I almost feel guilty admitting this but we used to own one of those little beauties. Before we emigrated halfway across the planet, my sweetie's pride and joy was a little sleek black Merc hard-top convertible. And yes, we often had groceries in the boot with the top down lol! It was so funny sometimes, we'd be sitting at a red light, it would start to look like rain and he'd hit the button to raise the top (24 secs!) and you should have seen the looks we got from other cars! But it wasn't practical when we moved, so now he drives a 4x4 but he still dreams about his black beauty!

    Hope your ankle's recovered from the craft show!

    Daniela said...

    Definitely not sick of stitches. Bring them on! Thanks for sharing!

    grambie said...

    Beautifully aligned QP with all the lovely stitching. Thanks for the little extras included. I hadn't realized that I had missed this dl until I read your above message about the mats. So nice of you to always go that extra mile to see that we receive the best, & nothing but the best. (Would it be possible to receive a QP with placement for 2 photos)? I love your stitched work & if you have them ready as you said on your hard drive, please send them on our way. TFS.

    grambie said...

    Thanks for the beautiful QP using your fabulous blocked design. It is so wonderful of you to leave the layers separated. I definitely will let you know how more than one photo will look once my computer is returned from its return to Sony. TFS.