Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Valjs Stitched Block 7 Paper-leather

Here is the leather textured paper for this set.I still like the leather texture better on the darker colors..but some of you said you didn't care what color it like that it is for those of you who would like to use it.:) Hope you like it.

Thank you sooo much for the wonderful comments you left for me yesterday.I really do appreciate each and every one.:)

My DH was suppose to be off from work today..but got a call from his asst.manager early this morning ...telling him she was sick and wasn't going to be able to make it.Sooooo...I guess I will clean house and try to get some of those files transferred.I was going to do that yesterday when my youngest son called and said they were coming over to watch a movie with us.We watched the new Rocky movie. Personally..I am glad this is his last one.:) It wasn't bad..but sometimes you just know when to quit.hehe.Have any of you seen it yet?

If you would like to use this one....

Here is the link:
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    Sindiego said...

    Thanks for all your great shares. I want you to know that I spent a couple of hours sorting through all the freebies YOU have given me in the past year, organized them all into their respective folders and am ready to go with them. I haven't scrapped for many months, just downloaded freebies, so you can imagine what a mess my files were in. I had over 100MB of files in 36 folders, all mixed up! I'm a happier woman now. Thanks, again, for all your great gifts.

    ConnyB said...

    Hi Val,

    thank you very much for the new freebies :) You do such lovely work!
    And thank you also for your wonderful comments for me!
    I sent you an email yesterday in the evening and told you the news. Didn´t update my blog now, but I will do that soon. Couldn´t find the time this morning ;)
    I hope you´re having a fantastic day!

    Erin and Leslie and the boyz! said...

    yVal:) Great papers I love them I think these colors together are really Heritagey.. LOL if thats a word.
    Thanks for stopping by my site.. I have been so busy round here I cleaned my fish tank yesterday(55 gal so it doesn't take just 15 min.. It took me about 3 hours. because I did the SUPER clean this time around we have 38 fish and they sure can poop!!! LOL Its has been raining here for 2 days straight. the rivers and creeks are sooo high.. I wish It would stop raining so I could go take some pictures. just last week all the creeks were dry and nothing in them.. Now they are full and flowing It is soo pretty and makes you really think of how those those creeks were full at one time in the past.. sorry there goes my historical Imagination again LOL :)
    I am sooo Happy your ankle is doing better and speaking medically I am going to the dentist tomorrow. I am scared and happy all at the same time. I can't hardly eat.. I have decent looking teeth... I think that being preganant for 2 years straight did something to them tho because you aren't supposed to get your teeth worked on while you are preg so I didn't.. And there the whole Calcium thing.. they say the baby needs the calcium and it robs the minerals from the rest of your body.. ??? But then some say its not so. YOU NEVER know who is telling you a fib.
    Well.. Watch my blog today for an additional freebie... I am hopefully going to be putting a churchy one up in to sort of Honor Hummie and all her Freebies, Templates, tutorials, and her religious insiprations.. :) Its just a small one but I think it it will be pretty:)

    Scrapcat4914 said...

    TY for another great BG!!!

    jburkhart said...

    Hi Valinda! How are you doing today! No, haven't seen the latest Rocky...or the last one, either! Yep, don't think they needed to make "another" Rocky movie!!! LOL! Sorry your dh had to go in to work on his off day.....but, hope you are able to get lots of work around the house and on the computer done while he is working!
    Love the leather texture on this....looks great! Thanks for sharing it with us! :)

    jaytea said...

    I really like your stitched squares. Have you ever thought of making the patches in different shapes, kind of like a crazy quilt? That would be interesting!
    Thanks for sharing!

    grambie said...

    Thanks for the additional paper with the fantastic leather effect. So beautiful with the same color but oh that wonderful texture. I know it will be a while before I can scrap your papers, but I definitely will enjoy. (Got my computer back yesterday, it is a mess. I am sending it back after I make my coutesy telephone call to Sony.) I am so disappointed. Anyway, your paper just cheered me up. TFS.

    myscrapbook said...

    Love your block stitch papers.tfs

    Mrs. Miles said...

    I hope you got all your little chores out of the way Valinda. Thanks for the heads up about the Rocky movie... I always like it when someone 'previews' them and saves us renting them. Have a great day!


    Kat said...

    Hi Val ((hugs)) I am soo sorry I haven't been able to visit Nick was sick and then DH was very ill...they just admitted to the hospital today. I will come visit as soon as I can! Your paper is gorgeous!

    Jennie said...

    Thank you, lovely paper. :)