Thursday, April 26, 2007

Valjs Stitched Block 7 Elements and Cloth Mats

Here is the first set of elements for this set.I haven't made any more hopefully today I will have time to do that.My DH is off we will see what happens with my time.:)
These are the cloth mats for this set. The plain ones are in with the QP a couple of posts back.:) Hope you like these. Click on the preview of the elements so you can get a closer look at the design.I love the way they turned out.:)
Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments you have left for me.I sure appreciate it.:)
Please go say Hi to Conny ..she isn't feeling well right now and could use some prayers and encouragement.We can all use some of those when we are facing hard times.
Also..please go visit Kat...her family is sick and she needs your prayers and encouragement too.Links are in my side bar.Thank you soo much.:)
If you would like to use these...

Here are the links:

  • dwnldlink

  • Mats:
  • dwnldlink


    ConnyB said...

    Hi Val,

    thank you very much for the pretty elements and mats :)
    And thanks for your kind words, I appreciate you very much for them.
    I didn´t update my blog today, maybe I will do that in the evening. I will go outside soon. I visited my doc again and I have further delay to go into hospital, thank godness... She´s trying hard to help me getting my problems ambulant solved now. Yesterday in the evening at least one of my medicines showed a little effect for the first time, though I´m still having pains I could have done the happy dance :)) This is giving me hope now!
    I will meet my godmother in a cafe in our city this afternoon, she´s a very good support to me - she treats me like her daughter and for me she is my mom also (don´t have any contact with my real one). I´m looking forward to this meeting :)
    We´ll chat later!
    Thanks for all you do, Val!
    I hope you´re having a great day with your dh off. Just relax and enjoy your freetime ;)

    Josie said...

    Beautiful elements. This color is so rich and fabulous! Thanks so much!

    Scrapcat4914 said...

    TY so very much for todays great DL's!!!

    Liz said...

    Thanks so much. I LOVE red, so I'm really enjoying this new color scheme!

    I sure hope you're feeling better.

    grambie said...

    Oh my, thanks so much for these hot & ready elements that will make any layout pop. So pretty with the visual presentation that definitely will make you scrap. The slick finish & element choices add to the versatility of this kit. TFS.

    myscrapbook said...

    Love these beautiful red elements.tfs

    crosstown said...

    Another great collection of stitched blocks. TFS

    jburkhart said...

    Thanks for the info on Conny and Kat....I will stop by both of their blogs and leave some love, too!
    Your red elements and cloth mats are gorgeous! Thank you for creating and sharing them...wish I had more free time to use all the lovely scrapbooking items you have day real soon, hopefully! Seems like I am always busy working on CT layouts, designs for Deco-Pages Club and then having little time to use all the other gorgeous things I have received, too! Wish we could have a remote control to pause time so I could get some more stuff done in the day (like the movie, Click - Have you seen that? It is so funny!)
    TTYL....Question...what does KWIM mean.....I am totally blank on that today?