Monday, April 09, 2007

Valjs Stitched Block 3 QP

Here is the QP for this set.I hope you like it.:) I left everything loose so you can arrange them the way you want.Be sure to add shadows to the elements before you print it.The mats have a slight shadow..just to make them stand off of the page.
I want to Thank All of you for the wonderful comments you leave for me.I sure appreciate it.:)
We had a great time yesterday.We had a house full.:) My Dh and kids and their families and my Mom were here and we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill and had an Easter Egg hunt for our Grand Daughters...after they colored the eggs.:) I still have to get the pics off of my camera.Sooo you will have to wait on the pics for now.:)
I hope you ALL had a wonderful Easter and will tell me what you did and how your day went.I would love to read about it.:)
If you like this QP and would like to use it....
Here is the link:

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    cford said...

    Hey Val!
    After a week away, I'm finally able to tool about online to my favorite sites and catch up. I made a haul here this morning and I want to say that every single thing is fantastic.
    Your daughter's merman was simply adorable and, yes, he does favor Mel a bit, but that's okay... mermen CAN be sexy! LOL
    Glad to hear you had a wonderful Easter. It was a bit too cold here to play around outside, but we did have a house full of crazy people!
    Have a wonderful day and hopefully I'll be able to make it by again before NEXT week. Thanks once again for everything you do. I really appreciate the gifts. Bless you!

    sharon said...

    I have learned to love QP's as they help me "get-r-done" and yours have become some of my favorites, especially for my grandsons!! Thank you!

    Kat said...

    Good Morning Val!! ((hugs)) Your Easter sounded good...I so would have loved to have grilled! Not a fan of Ham. I loved your daughters sculpture she is sooo talented! Easter here was nice and quiet a fabulous day! Couldn't have asked for a better day! Even got the kitchen all cleaned up last night so today I can tackle a new project :-) Can't wait to see your Easter Pics! Have a great day! ((hugs))

    ConnyB said...

    Hi Val,

    glad to hear you had such a fantastic time with your family :) You know, we didn´t do anything special, so I have nothing to tell about our Easter LOL
    My hubby has his last free day today, so we just enjoy sitting together and watching some movies, totally lazy *g*
    Thank you very much for this beautfiul QP! I love your work :)
    Have a wonderful day!

    P.S. Didn´t make any new blogposting today because there is nothing to blog about LOL

    Linda said...

    Nice fun page that makes me smile; thanks Val!

    Scrapcat4914 said...

    Thank you so very much for the wonderful QP!!!
    Glad to hear you had a great Easter cant wait to see the photos!!

    AmyW. said...

    Morning to you too!
    Happy Belated Easter. I just have to say I love this QP!!! Great work. Thank you for stopping by and sharing the freebie tip, that's a great alpha you found.

    Erin and Leslie and the boyz! said...

    OH VAL YOU KNOW I LOVE your QP's!!! AND This is NOT an exception.. This is AWESOME:) This is such a great one.. and is definately for anyone, male/female, young/old.. GREAT JOB! :)
    What did we do for Easter? Well we spent Saturday eating pizza with my folks. Then Sunday we Went to Erin's folks and had an EXCELLENT MEAL!! She is the best cook in the world.. but you never want to be on a diet and then visit her house.. You will fail miserablely.. LOL Then the boys were ready to head out.. and on the way home The boyz fell asleep in the van.. so we drove around the countryside for about an hour so they could sleep.. LOL I love to drive and just drive.. no place to go to.. just driving.. so it was really a nice day.. :) the van is the only place the boyz dont fight.. LOL If they are extra crabby some days I will just load em up and go for a drive.. they will be happy.. then I AM HAPPY!!! LOL :) Glad you had a good easter. :) Bless you! :)

    Daniela said...

    I'm new to this digiscrap thing and have been roaming the blogs, downloading freebies and leaving comments. Your blog and Kari's Place are probably the most productive on the web.
    Love your style!

    Liz said...

    How cute is this!

    Mrs. Miles said...

    Hello Val - awwww, you left me some love even when I was not here! It was heartwarming to come home to. We just came home today, and this will be a killer week, so I don't know if I will get to blog or not... we will see. We moved all our 'big stuff' before we left and will move the little stuff over this week. We're staying in our old home tonight (Monday) and will be in the new home for sleeping tomorrow night, with lots of running back and forth to clean the old place for their new tenant...etc.. so not sure when internet will be disconected here and set up there, so if I disappear, thats where I am. So happy you had a good weekend with your family and I will keep you posted. *hugs* Barb

    Jaydensmama said...

    grabbed this one too love it thanks so much for sharing. Maybe sometime soon I can finish another kit, seems like lately I don't have the time I am working on a boy kit though hehe.
    won't let me sign in as a blogger.

    Monique said...

    Love it, great collors

    xashee's corner said...

    so glad you had a good time!
    thanks for all you do! :)

    Nita said...

    Absolutely beautiful. Thank you :)

    walking-girl said...

    wonderful. thank you