Saturday, April 21, 2007

Taking the day off:)

4shared has been down all morning and I decided I am taking today off from blogging.I need to get caught up on organizing my files in the computer ..not to mention organizing things in the house that I have been ignoring.LOL
If you are new to my blog..please check back when 4 shared behaves itself.:)There is plenty in the archives to keep you busy.LOL
You have a wonderful day today and I will see you in the morning:)



heylady said...

You are always so generous. Please enjoy your day.

Suzi said...

Thank you for your message, Valinda, I will let you know what's going on if I can. If not, I will send you a message after I return. Thank you so much for your caring thoughts :)

crosstown said...

Another set of great frames. I haven't used them yet but if I would spend more time scrapping and less reading blogs and downloading maybe I would get more done LOL

jburkhart said...

Love Crosstown's true about less time downloading and blogging and more time scrapping, huh! LOL! But this is fun, too!
Glad you took some time off to do other things.....I need to do that, too!
Hope you had a productive day!