Thursday, April 05, 2007

I've Been Tagged......Twice.LOL

Here are the things I am suppose to answer...

Four jobs I have had:

SAHM...until my youngest was in school.
I sold Avon for a short time.Spent all my money on myself and their sales.LOL
Asst.Manager at Pizza Hut until offered a job doing what I really wanted to do ..which was..the next job on the list.Decorating cakes.I loved it!!:)
Bakery Manager/cake decorator for a combination of seven years.Had to quit because of a bad ankle.Back to staying at home and taking care of the family.:)

Four Movies I have watched over and over.:

It's a wonderful life
Miracle on 34th street...LOL..just kidding.:)
1-Sound of Music.
2-Step Mom with Julia Roberts.
3-Jersey Girl-Love the story line.:)
4-Ever After..I love the part where she is allowed to take anything
she can carry and she picks up the Prince to carry him away.It is funny ..
no matter how many times I see it.:) now you know I love romance movies.:)

Four places I have lived:
4-repeat Fl.and Ga.

Four TV shows I like(d):
3-Greys Anatomy

Four Places I have been on vacation:
2-Gatlinburg-Smokey Mountains
3-Disney World..Epcot..Sea World..Universal Studios.

Four of my favorite foods:
4-Anything grilled

Four places I would rather be right now.
1-At the end of this list.LOL.
2-Branson Missouri-Relatives have been and had a great time.
3-On vacation.hehe
4:Can't think of another place..pretty much content just where I am.:)

I am suppose to tag four other I will be doing that in the morning.I have to find four of you who haven't been tagged already.:)

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Kat said...

Val - Ohhh I love to bake...I wish I was a better cake decorator especially with a little guy. That would be my dream job!! Having a bakery! I have to make his birthday cakes homemade now because he is possibly allergic to nuts and cross contamination :-( I am having a dinosaur party for him this year and I wanted to make a dinorsaur cake..any tips??
I love Disney world - what was your favorite place?