Thursday, April 05, 2007 asked for the html # for the pink in this set.The number is...FB7E78

Soooo glad you like it.:)



ConnyB said...

Happy Easter, Val!

Your tagging list was funny to read :)
Well, you know I don´t like so much to be tagged, so I didn´t write this list on my blog now, but it´s funny reading this anyway *g*
We´re almost off to the zoo today again. The weather is nice and I hope to get some good shots of the animals there.
I hope you´re also having a great day!

grambie said...

Thanks I really appreciate it. Now I can get a true pink that I can enjoy. As always, everything is so beautiful. Trying to get my computer back up. At present, only OS System, Internet and basic software that came with computer is available. I had to reformat * repartition because of major system errors. So, I am taking it slow. Yet, IE is already giving me problems. I made it here as soon as I was plugged in. Just to say hello. Once this is cleared, I will be able to scrap some of these beautiful stitched freebies that you have generously shared with all of us. Have a wonderful & blessed Easter Sunday.