Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Valjs Stitched Block Purple QP 2

Here is the QP for the purple set.It says QP 2 on it cause I made another one and liked this one the best.:) The belt on this one looks like it has gone off of the edge of the paper..but it hasn't.The paper has a white edge around it and the belt covers the width of the paper.:) Trust me.LOL I thought I had messed up too.:) I just did finish this one this morning.I woke up early and couldn't get back to what else to do ? Hope you like it:)
My dh took me to the Doctor yesterday afternoon.I knew I was having trouble with my sugar..and my blood pressure was really high the last time I checked it and for about three weeks I have been having heart Doc put me on medication for both.About six years ago..I lost weight and got my sugar under control by diet and exercise..but after about three years of sugar free got to the point of.."if I have to eat another spoon full of that...I am gonna croak." So..I quit being careful....added weight back etc.I say what you are suppose to and your problem will be solved.But do you know how difficult it is to be watching tv with your family and they are eating everything you like in front of you and you can't have it ? Imagine....a bowl of ice cream with chocolate drizzled over it and it is slightly melted and looking yummy....but you can't have it.It is staring you in the face.LOL.With four of us living here ...There is a lot of things I can't have that I watch them eat.But..I can't ask them not to eat what they like in front of me.They don't have a sugar problem..I do. I have been a bad girl!! :(. Now I am told by the eat Rabbit food and cardboard.Nothing white..Skim milk ...yuk! I asked for how long and she said.."forever".I sure am glad I am 53 cause forever isn't that far away.LOL
I was reading the side effects of the blood pressure medicine.It says dizziness ..and light headedness and fainting.Today I start the meds and I sure am glad my dh is off.LOL Isn't it funny what all the side effects are on the medications these days.You don't have the problem you had before but you gained fifteen others problems.LOL Any way...I told you this because I may have to slow down some.Time will tell.Not sure how I will react to the medications.Your prayers and support would be greatly appreciated.I know I can do it..I did it before.But now I am aware of what all is involved and not looking forward to it at all.I always day at at time and I guess that is gonna have to be the way I handle this too.:) If you have read this far..Thank you for taking an interest. I appreciate it soo much.:)
Now..onto the freebie.LOL

I made the elements on this QP from a doodle paper I had made a while back.If you like them..I can offer the ones I have made as a freebie tomorrow.Anyone interested? I thought if I had time I will make some paper flowers for this set too.

If you would like to use this QP.....

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    cford said...

    Has it been that long? I've been working non-stop since the 19th. New job, more responsibilities, and they haven't gotten anyone to fill MY place yet, so still have that to contend with. ARGH! But... I snuck time today to cruise my fav bloggies and Oh, my, do I ever feel behind. Let's see... glad that you had a few days with you DH. Hate to hear about your problems with sugar and blood pressure. My DH had a problem and we went on the South Beach Diet together. He's off the blood pressure meds now.
    Speaking of diets... ever notice how "diet" foods or food that is supposed to be good for you is SO much more expensive than "regular" food? What's up with that?
    Anyway... thanks so much for all the wonderful, colorful goodies I've latched onto. You're such a sweetheart to leave 'em up.
    Leavin' you sum luvin'! HUGZ!!

    Lizzerd said...

    they do say that "diet" is DIE with a T ... good luck on losing the wait and staying with us awhile longer.
    Oh yeah, thanks for the QP, 'tis truly lovely!

    Mrs. Miles said...

    Beautiful QP Val! Now, bout your medical condition - that must be brutal - not just having the condition but that your family all eats 'bad stuff' in front of you. Perhaps we can work together and try to discover some recipes that are yummy and still good for you, truly, I believe there are... they are just a little more work. You and I are only 5 years apart - I could start looking out now, as a preventative measure. Lets walk together, Sister! Miles and I have lost over 20lb each since Jan, and we are not suffering, so pick my brain!

    Suzi said...

    Great qp, Val! I'm sorry to hear you're having problems, but at least they're fixable :) I'm still not well either, which is why I haven't been very active. I've got a DR. appt. tomorrow, so we'll see... Take care of yourself and you'll be in my thoughts and prayers!

    taslle said...

    Val don't worry about the side effects, they are tempoary. They usually last up to the max of 2 weeks. Mostly it's a couple of days. Then you'll wonder how you survived without it after that. You'll feel 10 years younger and have energy you never knew was there. The whole world will be clearer. Just take it easy and don't plan to do anything but rest for the next 3 days. Let DH do what has to be done, and the rest once the side effects stop. PS love all the Stitched stuff, so new to scrapping haven't learned yet how well to make everything, but I have your wonderful stuff to help make it all pretty once I do :)

    Scrapcat4914 said...

    Thank you so very much Val!!!
    Please take care of yourself!
    It's very hard when you have to watch what you eat but there are still goodies out there for you too!

    ConnyB said...

    I´m back home from my zoo-visit since half an hour. Will tell more about that on my blog soon. Thank you for coming to visit me - and for the wonderful QP!

    Val, I´m sorry you have to go through so much troubles with your sugar! My MIL is also a diabetic and I know that this can be really bad sometimes. Hope the medicine will help you. Hang in there my friend, you really can do that!!!
    I´m thinking of you, my friend!

    Erin and Leslie and the boyz! said...

    I am Certainly going to pray for you and I will be here for you whenever you need me to be:) Its not funny of the situation but what I neglected to tell everyone when I went to the dr the other is I went to talk about my blood sugar also. I Have been having the feeling of low blood sugar occasionally for the last 6 or 7 years but It wasn't really frequent enough to do anything about. and I didn't want someone saying to me its nothing or just pass it off as something else. SO.. Keep in mind I have worked as a Nurses Aide for 8 years and my mother, aunt, and cousin are all nurses. LOL I know a little about it all. Anyway, I wasn't having an attack when I went to the Dr... but he did blood work, and pricked my finger... It was all normal.. so his diagnosis..."You are having panic attacks.. And if you were diabetic you would most likely passout... "

    I cried!!! why? because I know what I am feeling and I can understand if I was having panic attacks now.. but for 7 years.. and this was before kids when It started?? I am very skeptical.. my mother said I need to go see a different Dr. and my husband is very disappointed that the Dr. didn't take the time to actually listen to what i said. :( THIS is the reason i hate going to the DR.. they never seem to believe you anymore.. And half the time they missdiagnose you. :( Totally have lost trust in any Dr.'s anymore. Its just money money money anymore. :(

    I want to thank you for the QP.. It is Beautiful and I know how hard it is to do such beautiful work. If you have to cut down we all would understand. Medications really can do some wierd stuff. :)


    Anonymous said...

    I am in a similar situation with weight, bood presure, heart palpitations...just no sugar yet..
    It's very difficult to be with family that are eating yummy things and we have rabbit food and cardboard!!!! Next time I am struggling I will think of you and pray for strength for both of us! :o)
    The QP is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!

    liz said...

    Thanks for the QP! Take care of yourself and I'll say a prayer for you.

    Anonymous said...

    Sending you best wishes for good health and better days ahead!

    Linda said...

    This is beautiful Val and yes, would love the elements! I'm sorry you're not feeling well and having sugar & BP problems. I hope the meds will help and not cause additional problems for you.
    Yes, it's hard not to eat your favorites when someone is eating it in front of you. I pray you will have the strength to do what you need to do to keep your health. Remember you're not alone!
    (((HUGS))) Linda

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Val I just wanna thank you soooo much for your kindness you have shared so much of your talent with us lucky folk so thank you very much. Im sorry about your sugar issue it does suck watching everyone around you eat the yummy things you cant but its for the best. I wish you well and I will keep you in my thoughts.

    crosstown said...

    Val I will be thinking and sending up a prayer that everything turns out OK. Thanks for everything. i love it all.

    Christeph said...

    I sympathise Val, I've been told time and time again that I need to give up the tastes and flavours I so enjoy - but haven't managed it yet. But why not rally the family around - get them to adopt a healthier lifestyle as moral support? And while I really do love your creations, if you need to slow down then please do! Take some time out for yourself and take it easy. Hope you're feeling better soon because forever can still be a really long time, and you'll enjoy it more if you're back in good health! ((hugs))

    LindaW said...

    Hi Val, so sorry to hear that you haven't been well....sure hope the meds kick in quickly with little or no side effects. Maybe once you start going online and looking for dessert recipes etc. that you can eat your family will want to join you instead of you joining them. You will be helping them stay healthy as well as yourself. They probably won't even realize it is good for them. tee hee. Thanks for the sweet QP. Hugs

    LVMommy22 said...

    look at all the people who care about you and love your creations!!! you are one lucky lady! if we could all crawl thru our screens and take care of you, you know we would. but we can't. so you have to be strong and take care of yourself. we'll all be here to support you any way we can - that's one of the great things about the digi community! if you want help finding yummy, healthy snacks, we'll help. need recipes that are diabetic-friendly? just ask! but you're not that old and you have a long way to go, so you might as well live it in good health! lol!
    be good to yourself -
    :) M

    Christine said...

    Sorry to hear that things are not so good for you at the moment. I'll be thinking of you.

    Lots of luv


    PSharp said...

    Wonderful Quickpage. Thank you.