Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Good News for Conny:)

I just read a post that Manu..Conny's dear friend left for us on Conny's blog letting us know of the results from her trip to the hospital.Here is the link if you want to go read it.:)
  • ConnyB's blog

  • Thank you soo much Manu for keeping us informed.:)



    Mrs. Miles said...

    Hello Val - I will visit Manu's blog later - and will come see you again, I've just been sooooooooooooooo busy - you can read on my blog. I love love love your spring - fresh elements etc. will catch up with you later!

    *hugs* Barb

    Lisa said...

    Val, Thanks so much for keeping us informed on Conny. She is such a sweet person and I hope she comes out of the hospital good as new!!