Friday, March 09, 2007

Doodles without a wacom pad.

Some of you are aware of this and some aren't.This is for those of you who didn't know this....
I know there are soo many of you who are just itching to be able to doodle and don't have a wacom pad to do that with .A mouse is soo difficult to control when here is what you can do until you get that long awaited drawing pad.:)
I have a suggestion of how you can doodle and have a ball without using the mouse to do it....wanna know?LOL Do like I did before I got my wacom pad...Get a sharpy felt marker pen..(black)and a piece of printer paper..doodle away on that paper..then scan it to your paint program..crop out the at a time and then use the magic wand to make an object out of it...then edit and fill it with the doodle is sharper looking and all the white edges are gone.You can color these any color by editing and filling with your color choice.Have fun!



AmyW. said...

I actually do both. I use my mouse then "straighten" the lines in PSP or I dodle in my sketch pad and ink the final project with a sharpie and scan. I don't have a pad or tablet...yet. Quick question, if you bump into yourself will there be a time paradox and all life cease to exist or will you just faint due to a mental overload? Hee-hee.

AmyW. said...

Oh I forgot that you can doodle on cardboard or a paper bag then scan and cut out with your magic wand tool for some neat effects/doodles too!

Angelsothername said...

good points and glad that you mentioned this. Maybe I can doodle in the afternoons while she's napping or while I'm cooking dinner, when I'm not able to be "on" the pc!

Erin and Leslie and the boyz! said...

VAL :) Check out my blog.. :) I have surprise!! I FINALLY did it ;) I promised and I followed thru :) I procrastinate with some things but Not with Scrapin!! LOL

grambie said...

So nice of you to think about sharing your expertise with others. I just love your design & hope that I can get every download that I missed. Nice suggestion for the pad substitute.