Sunday, April 13, 2014

Big Shanty Festival 2014

                                      This weekend was the Big Shanty Festival in our town.I told Jim I wanted to go cause I wanted a turkey leg, and we searched until Christy pointed out the booth. I got it and ate it while walking around the festival grounds.:) mmmmm

                                          This is the food court and the back of Christy's head in front of the main stage.

                                              Seating area in the food court by the stage.

 I thought this was very interesting. Photos of different things that can represent a letter in the alphabet. They had all kinds of individual photos that you could buy to make the word you want.

                                                   Cute name for a dog treat.LOL

 Jim recognized this man from the Georgia fair a few years ago. Back then we watched him carve a bear out of a stump ..using a chain saw. We didn't stick around to watch him finish this one though.Too much to see.:)

 I watched as they put this girl into the flattened ball and then added air to it to inflate it. I think if someone offered me money..I would have to say..."No Thank you!" :)

This is such a COOL idea. Changing stations throughout the festival that were kept with supplies! This particular tiny baby was NOT happy at all during the process! LOL

 It was really nice to get out and enjoy our Sunday afternoon at the festival. The weather was nice..and the walk did us good..I am sure..I will try to remember that in the morning when my foot touches the floor first thing.:)

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Christy made another COOL box :)

               Christy just completed another COOL box with drawers.:) This is the front view.

                                                                        One side....

                                                                   The other side....

               One of the drawer pulls...the others are parts of metal keys that she purchased from       Michael's Craft store.You can get a closer look at them when you click on the first pic.:)

                                                            Close up of one of the legs...

                                                                       The very top...

Christy used decorative metal sheets that she purchased from Hobby Lobby. On the front of the box...she glued some chip board cutouts to the box fronts and then overlaid them with the metal sheet. Glued and then formed them around the chipboard pieces.On the sides she embossed the metal sheets using her Cuddle bug folders.She antiqued the whole thing when it was completed. The brads on the sides were done just like the chipboard on the front. She laid them on a piece of tape in the order she wanted them and then attached them to the box ..then she removed the tape...cause it was just so they would line up .....then formed more metal sheeting around them. Christy used aluminum duct tape for the top so it would mold easily to the roundness of it.I really LOVE the way it turned out....and NO..she didn't give this one to me.She kept it for herself and I don't blame her one bit.:)

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mama and Joe's wedding album

Mama asked me if I could please make her some layouts of  her wedding last year.I made her a heritage scrapbook a couple of years ago that has her previous two marriages ( she outlived both of them) and she wants to add Joe and her wedding to it. I thought it was a perfect time to use the Wedding Album I had created a while back. Most of the photos are from my camera...but the bottom layout of them lighting the candle is from my brother's camera.He is very serious about photography and thought to put a tripod behind them. Go Tom!! :)

Please continue to pray for Jimmy's leg. Still battling:) Hugs!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Another Update on Jimmy's leg.

First..I want to THANK YOU SO MUCH for your prayers for Jimmy! He spent another couple of days in the hospital this last weekend.The antibiotic the Doctor put him on wasn't working and his leg continued to get redder and more swollen. They admitted him to the hospital and ran a stronger antibiotic through the IV. which really helped. His leg is turning back to a normal color and not so swollen.YAY! His blood levels were too high ..which means his blood that they are trying to thin to a level between two and three...was OVER three and too thin. They didn't give him any blood thinners over the weekend and now it is down..too low. 1.8. we go again trying to get the medical dosage of blood thinner to the correct amount. It's been a rather interesting time lately..but we are TRUSTING the LORD to take care of this for him!!! The Lord's timing is PERFECT! :)

Reminds me of that song..LEARNING TO LEAN! Jimmy has had a WONDERFUL experience throughout this whole time with the Lord's PRESENCE with him. NO FEAR AT ALL! :) THANK YOU JESUS!!!

Learning to lean on Jesus


Thursday, March 06, 2014

Jimmy update and Christy project!

 The two top pics are of Jimmy's leg with the blood clot and now he has infection in it. The Dr. told us that this is common with blood clots because the natural antibodies aren't able to get to the leg freely because of the blood flow being hindered. He put Jimmy on an antibiotic and it seems to be a little better this morning. Still swollen but not so red. Better is good!! :)

 Beau, a friend of the family was with us at Goodwill recently (can't remember the day) and showed this box to Christy and told her it would be great for the top of his dresser to keep his stuff organized. She told him to put it back cause she could MAKE one for him that would be more efficient and look better too.

                                                       I think she SUCCEEDED!!! :)

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Update again.:)

Hi friends!!

 Well..Jimmy and I spent the weekend at the hospital. They finally admitted him Friday the 14th.(Valentine's Day) and he got a room around eleven p.m. It was a shared room and Jimmy wanted me to be able to spend the time at the hospital with him. He had never been to one to stay before except to take nieces..nephews and in-laws to the emergency room etc. The nurses were really nice and in order for me to spend the nights with him..they arranged for him to get a private room. I mainly stayed with him for support and help him with remembering what the Doctors were telling him.( he has always had difficulty with his memory)  It was a bit important for him to remember that.:) They put him on blood thinners...shots and pills. The shots are only until the pills take over and do their job. Jimmy hopes that is soon. His tummy is getting bruised.:( He was released from the hospital on Monday and allowed to come home.YAY! :) Still has to give himself a shot in the mornings and take a pill at five p.m. every day until the blood levels are where they want them.He was told to be very careful not to cut himself with the blood thinners in his system. :/ We got good news yesterday.... they told him he can return to work this evening. He is happy about that..cause he has missed almost a whole week of work and he has a car payment etc to keep up with. Thank you for your prayers!! I am so happy that the blood clot didn't completely close his vein off.:)

  I am still tired from losing all that sleep. The hospital noises (someone coughing something fierce,carts banging and clanging etc.) plus the train blowing it's whistle during the night and flights of life helicopters flying right by us... also...sleeping in a small recliner the first night....make for a disturbed sleep.:)  zzzzzzzz

Huge hugs,