Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Been a while.;)

Good morning!
 Just wanted to check in to say hi and let you know that things are okay here. Still having a bit of trouble with my eyes though. The cataract in my left eye tends to bother me more than the smaller one in my right eye... thus...less time online. When looking through my left eye it is like looking through a light fog and the light from the monitor exaggerates that to the point I have to get away from it for a while. I am having to pick and choose which site gets more of my attention these days. Google +, Blogger or Facebook? Since I have a TON (I kid you not) of family members and friends on Facebook, that is where I spend the bigger part of my time. Yikes..some days it takes most of the day to keep up with all of them especially when they post practically EVERYTHING they are doing or going to do. LOL   I did go to Google+ yesterday to see what was new and couldn't believe it had been two years since I posted anything over there. Not really happy with the way they are doing things ..so really don't go there much. I found out that I have over 200,000 people who have looked at my profile and some even added me to their circles.WHAT?? I don't even know these people!! What is so interesting to someone who doesn't know me..AND I haven't posted anything for two years that they would add me to their circle?? That's crazy! :)

 Chelsea turned a year old April the 4th. Wow! She absolutely LOVES my attention,seems like  ALL of the time. LOL  Christy takes her for walks in the woods on trails etc and they both LOVE it! I LOVE the fact that it uses up a lot of Chelsea's pent up energy and she is a bit slower when she comes back.:) I can get a lot done while they are gone.hehe She is really smart and picks up things I say in a hurry. I can tell her to take something to Daddy (Jim) or Christy or Jimmy and she will know exactly who I am talking about and takes it to the one I tell her.:)  I was wondering how she would handle the fireworks in the neighborhood this weekend..if she would be scared of them like Freedom was...or what??  She barked at them!! LOL The only time I saw that she was scared is when things lulled down a bit  I let her out to potty and no sooner did she get out the door ...the neighbors on both sides of us shot off those kind that just pop in succession. It was loud and intimidating for her. She couldn't get back into the house fast enough.:) Then she continued to bark at the sounds! Needless to say..it was a later night getting to bed than usual.:)

 Well..I guess that is about all for now. Hope you are doing well and IF you happen to stop in..please leave a note saying so.:)

Huge hugs,

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Praise report.:)

Praise report!!

  I went with Jimmy to the Doctor this morning to find out the results of blood tests he had taken two weeks ago.They tested him for several things because he was wanting to get off of the blood thinner he had to take for the last year. He had been put on Warfarin (blood thinner) and had to get blood tests periodically to control the clotting of blood in his leg that had a blood clot going from mid thigh to mid calf ....and to keep the clot from reaching his lungs etc. He had several ultra sounds throughout the process and they told us that a new vein was growing around the out side of the one with the clot.  They told us today that that vein is supplying blood to his leg now and the old clot will eventually dissolve.

  They had tested his blood two weeks ago to see if he had a clotting issue and also tested for sixteen different things before they came into the room today and told him that his test results look great! That he can go off of the Warfarin and just take an aspirin a day and to continue to wear the compression sock on that leg ...probably for the rest of his life.He can go back to eating whatever he wants and not have to watch the vitamin K that would cause the blood to thicken too much.:)

  Vitamin K is mostly greens...like lettuce,cabbage, collard greens, turnip greens and anything that uses those in the recipe. (example...coleslaw and salads) He was allowed to eat them periodically..but not too much. Now he is FREE to enjoy them again!! :)

  Jimmy's faith in the Lord throughout this whole year and almost 1/2 has amazed me.:)
When he was first diagnosed with the blood clot and put into the hospital for a few days..the anointing of the Lord was upon him the whole time.I wouldn't have missed being there with him for anything. When David said "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil...for thou art with me.Thy rod and thy staff the comfort me....HE wasn't kidding! Jesus said..I will never leave you nor forsake you...HE wasn't kidding either. Praise the Lord!:)

   No matter how old your child gets...they still hold your heart strings.I could probably sleep for a week now.LOL

Sunday, May 03, 2015


 I took a day about a month or so ago to just PLAY with some of the COOL things I had collected and hadn't used yet. These are just a few of them. The card on the left...I embossed with an embossing folder from 'Darice". The tag on the first one is from K&Company. It is one out of a set of them. I used a punch to make the butterfly and a rub on from The Paper Studio for the sentiment. The gem flourish is a cut off from a Recollections Rhinestone Embellishment.It had a crocheted flour attached..which I may use somewhere else.:)  The Card on the right was SOO easy to make. I had bought a 3D sticker from Paper House and attached it to a light orange, folded piece of card stock,then used Tim Holtz distress ink around the edges of the inside and outside. I then attached some gold corner stickers. :)

 I am thinking of giving the above card to Jim for our  44th Anniversary this coming August 1st. I still need to put something on it to give it some 'bling'.LOL  I used several odds and ends to make this one.

 I was thrift store shopping when I came across this ADORABLE frame. I couldn't believe the price they had on it! $1.21. :) It just needed a wipe with a clean cloth and my Mama's photo to set it off!I LOVE it!!

 Jim was on vacation last week when he finally got the concrete finished on the fire pit part of the patio. Now all we need is for him to find or make something to hold a fire in place...and another trip through with the power washer.LOL

 This is just ONE of the rabbits that live in our back yard. There were two of them there at the same time the other day. Bet we will have more babies soon.:) We had some babies last year..but I haven't seen them since a Hawk was seen in the neighborhood.:( I know Hawks have to eat too..but not MY BUNNIES!! :)

 This is Chelsea! She turned a year old the 4th of April. She has grown so much! In size and in our hearts! She is part Husky or Malamute and very much FULL of energy.LOL I love the expression on her face when I open the door and say something to her.It's like...a question mark.:)
  Jim put the patio table and chairs on the octagon for the moment. He has plans of making concrete seats around the bonfire. We'll see......:)

This is the other side of the back yard. We use to have a wooden swing set that Jim built for the girls but the weather wore it down and Jim took it down. We need to paint this swing and get new cushions for it. In the meantime..we throw a blanket over it when we want to sit in it.:) I LOVE that we have all these trees to shade the yard!!:)

  It has been SOO long since I had posted anything to share with my friends. Thought I would try to get caught up this week.:)

 Huge hugs!!