Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Time for another update.:)

Lots going on at the moment.:)

   CHRISTmas was really wonderful. Robby and family spent the night on CHRISTmas eve so we could all get up CHRISTmas morning to open our presents together. It takes a LONG time to do that when you have a large family.:) Liz, Robby's wife, cooked most of the meal for us. She made the turkey, ham, dressing, sweet potato soufflĂ©, green bean casserole, corn casserole,  cream cheese mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, chocolate pie and a couple of lemon meringue pies. I made a few dishes, Pistachio whip, Potato salad, then split it up to make one with onions, one without onions and then one made using Splenda instead of sugar. Baked Macaroni and Cheese and a Waldorf Salad. Oh and supplied the cranberry sauce.I also  purchased dinner rolls that only needed ten minutes heating in the oven Mama and Joe came over early Christmas morning to be with the family as we opened our presents. Mama made a jello salad and banana pudding before coming over to add to our huge meal.  My Nephew and his wife and three kids were here for dinner and we exchanged our gifts with them at that time. They brought food they knew their young kids would like.:) So..all in all it was really a nice CHRISTmas!

 Two days later...I get a slight sore throat.:( Over the next few days it develops into  a sinus infection which I had to go to the Doctor to get an antibiotic for. My throat was sore, left eye watering and even my teeth on the left side of my face were hurting. Doc took one look in my throat after reading the symptoms from the nurse's notes and said. Looks like sinus infection. Hurting teeth go along with sinus infection. Wrote a prescription for antibiotic and sent me home. Where.. after filling the prescription.... I have been up until now. I am still fighting this thing. I have also been taking Mucinex severe sinus medicine. Which has been helping the sinus's to drain. Otherwise I would have exploded. LOL The coughing started a couple of days ago.:(  Hope that's a sign it is starting to break up!! :)

  My CHRISTmas decorations are still all over the house too. I keep thinking I need to take them down..but don't feel up to that task yet. I figure...I am early for next years CHRISTmas.LOL That's one task taken care of for the new year.hehe Just kidding! Jim said I must be feeling better cause I am starting to tease again.:) It's been rough for sure! 

 When I feel even better ..I will post CHRISTmas pics.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

I'm back!! :)

    It's been a while since I posted anything here. We have just been soo busy with CHRISTmas coming up  and the trip to Florida for Jim's Dad's funeral service. It was a long trip for sure. Finding a place for us to stay the nights etc. It was a long..but fast trip.We stayed long enough after the service to go to the grave site where Jim's Dad was to be buried.We had already packed our car for the return trip back to Georgia.We had made plans to meet with a dear couple from our younger days ,who just happened to come to the funeral since they knew we would be there. We decided to meet in a town about an hours drive from where Dad had lived and have lunch together. It has been YEARS since we had seen them and it was so comforting to take right up where we had left off as though those years had never happened. Of course our bodies and amount of hair have changed since then..but we had a wonderful time catching up on the many years in between.:) It was probably the longest lunch we had ever had! Christy was with us for the whole trip and she seemed to enjoy their company too! 

   Since our trip to Florida I have been trying to take every opportunity to do some CHRISTmas shopping. I depend on someone to drive me to the stores I usually have to wait for them to need to go to town too. At least that is the way I like to plan it and it makes me feel like less of a burden on anyone.KWIM? :)

   Our puppy, growing by leaps and bounds and now we must scoot the food to the back of the counter in order to keep her from sampling it.LOL She throws a barking fit when the squirrels have the nerve to come into HER back yard. :) When she is in the mood to play..she will actually grab my hand with her teeth (not biting, but grabbing it) and pull it away from what I am doing. If I try to continue with what I am doing..she will keep pulling my hand away.She actually took the pencil I was writing with and it ended up on the floor one time.LOL She loves to play catch, but hasn't learned the part about return and release. She will return with the ball between her teeth but if I grab for it..she turns her head and won't let me have it. She will do this until I am tired and stop trying ...then she will bump my hand with it wanting me to take it from her.:) She loves to play hide and seek with me. I throw the ball and while she is running after it..I try to hide. Most of the time she returns before I am able to hide from her.Some times..on a good day..I will hide from her and she can't find me right away....then I jump out at her when she is close to finding me and she loves that.:) Oh well..if nothing's good exercise for the both of us.She loves our bed too. When things get quiet..I will go searching for her to see what mischief she is getting into and she will be curled up on my bed, sleeping. When Jim and I go to bed at night..she will play with us and as soon as I turn the light off..she jumps off of the bed and goes to her bed that is by the window and the heat/air vent and sleeps all night...except for rare occasions where she will hear Jimmy come home from work in the early mornings. If she is really tired..that doesn't even affect her. She will continue sleeping.YAY! :)

   I guess this is all for now. Thanks for stopping in and if you wouldn't mind leaving a word or two for me..that would be AWESOME!

Huge hugs,

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Another family member has gone to be with our Lord!

Good morning,
  Just thought I would pop in long enough to let you know that Jim's Dad passed away yesterday. He was not in good health ..but now he is with the Lord, rejoicing without pain or sorrow. Thank you Jesus for the gift you have made available to all those who believe in you.:)


Friday, November 21, 2014

Christy's Chocolate Covered Pretzels .:)

 These Chocolate covered pretzels are AWESOME. I LOVE this time of year when Christy gets the
urge to bake and create as she is doing it.:)

         Some of these have caramel inside of them or drizzled on them.Then added nuts, sprinkles and white icing drizzles too..mmmm..

I keep forgetting to take pics of her cookies. Chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar, and oatmeal raisin.

I really like the pretzels though ...because I can enjoy a little sweetness without all the sugar that is added to the cookie dough.:)

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Chelsea growing fast.:)

Thought I would post a couple more pics of our baby girl.:) She is growing sooo fast and requiring more and more attention these days.:)

 Christy has been baking cookies and dipping pretzels in chocolate and then adding sprinkles etc. mmmm She plans on making more this afternoon when she gets off of work.

 I have been trying to fit Christmas shopping into my schedule. :) I hope to have more to show and tell you in the near future.:) Jim is off of work here we go again for more Christmas shopping!!! :)

I'll BE BACK!! ...LOL


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Georgia State Fair 9-26-14 - Kenny Rogers in Concert! :)

 This place was PACKED!! By the time the concert started, there was standing room only.:) We had to sit in the back seating area. Jim got our seats 45 minutes before the time of the concert. It was really nice to see and hear him...well...what we could see and hear from that distance.LOL Jim was saying that he wondered how old Kenny was now and the lady in front of me told him that she had looked it up and he was 76. He had his wife and kids come onto the stage towards the end and his kids sang a song for us. :) This pic of Kenny was from wayyyy back in the back. I complained to Jim that I couldn't get a good pic and he told me..that it was a great one from that distance.:)

 This is the background pic I used for my layout of Kenny. You may click on it and then right click and *save as* if you would like to have it. :)

                 This is the ride that I took the background pic from. :) No..I didn't ride it.LOL
By the time the concert was over, we could hardly move for the amount of people. This was nothing compared to how crowded it was when it turned dark.:) We left with my feet dragging.LOL

Thanks for stopping in. I know it's been a little while since I posted. Huge hugs!!